Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Getting an Alternative Prince Sidon Intro - Direct Flight!

King-X 2 years ago 7 minutes, 46 seconds

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First showing the conventional way of meeting Prince Sidon of the zoras. Then instead of bothering with the arduous trek to Zora's Domain dealing with hostiles, simply reloading and taking a direct flight resulting in an alternative scene featuring the king and prince.

CAUTION: If you wish to get the freebie, do not do this, meet Sidon at the bridge! Once you arrive at Zora's Domain Sidon will no longer appear at the bridge, even if you don't initiate the alternate cutscene. (At least that has been my experience.)

There are multiple ways to skip straight to Zora's Domain, hence I said get there "as you see fit", minecart flying is not required. I just enjoy that method.

I am not the pioneer of this discovery, I've seen some other channels post it as well. Personally I learned about this on BeardBear's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZU03wNQEGmDkGcNN-BT2Ng

I gather there is a third alternative as well; that isn't covered here as I wasn't aware of it at the time and it's too late to go back to now. But this is discussed in the comments.

For those of you interested in the minecart flying; here's a flying tutorial I made: https://teubeu.com/video/uWH2Roc2Udw

Played on Nintendo Switch!

DISCLAIMER: I stated the cliffs are impossible to climb. That's incorrect, it can actually be done, especially if you have stamina potions. Probably the easiest solution for that is cooking Endura Carrots singularly. Each of these tops up your stamina AND adds 1/5th of a bonus wheel.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoBdFj1THOCyJAU_iBLeoXNtnygtuThQI


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