What Happened to the Giant Hovercraft SR-N4? - The Concorde of the Seas

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They were once known as the 'Concorde of the Seas': mighty flying boats that ferried their passengers with speed and style. Hovercraft was a symbol of national innovation and represented the future of transport in the 20th Century.

And yet, like the Concorde, the huge iconic 'Mountbatten-class' hovercraft that once traversed the 22-mile English Channel from England to France carrying hundreds or passengers and cars are no longer with us.

So what happened to the giant hovercraft SN-R4?

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Presented By Paul Shillito
Written & Researched by Andy Munzer
Additional Material by Paul Shillito
Images and Footage : retepbleck, MAD Hovercraft, http://www.hovercraft-museum.org, Griffon Hoverwork, kentishmanvideo
Music by Mike Mullen, www.positrosmic.com


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