Top 5 Ways To Become A Better Paladins Player! (Season 1)

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So you want to be a better Paladins player, huh? Well you've come to the right place! Here are five easy and effective ways to become a better player in Paladins, and improve your gameplay and experience in the realm! It's exciting to be back with this series, and if you enjoyed it let me know! Have any tips of your own? Leave them in the comments below! Subscribe to stay tuned for more:

Featuring gameplay of Buck, Drogoz, Cassie, Makoa, Ruckus, Mal damba and Sha Lin!

Loadouts and Legendary Cards:

Buck (Bounce House): Reconstruction 2 | Leg Day 4 Sesimic Wave 4 | Street Sweeper 1 | rapid Sustain 1 |

Sha Lin (Shifting Sands): Wanderlust 2 | Swagger 1 | Mirage 1 | Grounded 4 | Windwall 4

Cassie (Pre-legendary): Incitement 4 | Lunge 2 | Onslaught 4 | Intense Training 1 | Quiver 1 |

Makoa (Half Shell): Spring Tide 3 | Barrier Reef 2 | Tidal Grace 2 | Strongarm 4 | Salvage 1 |

Mal Damba (Ripened Gourd): Snake Pit 4 | Many Gourds 4 | Liminal Passage 1 | Swift Spirits 2 | Lighter Gourd 1 |

Drogoz (W.Y.R.M. Jets): Propel 4 | Survival 2 | Masterful 4 | Lung Capacity 1 | Thrill of the hunt 1 |

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The comments section will serve as a place for people to ask questions and engage in discussion about the God being played. Ideally, this section will provide as much or more usefulness to players than the actual gameplay video. There are so many qualified and intelligent Smite players in this gaming community, and many newcomers and developing players can benefit from constructive dialogue and conversation that relates to maximizing their performance. If you notice an opportunity to give constructive feedback, post your own item build that you have found to work well or answer someone's question (with an actual thoughtful answer), please do! It will help our community grow stronger and assist in engaging new players and viewers.


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