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Qatar Airways Q Suite (ENG) Business Class 777 Review | GlobalTraveler.TV GlobalTraveler.TV 7 months ago - 10 minutes, 31 seconds


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Qatar Airways Q Suite Business Class. "First in Business" says marketing, what's really on it? The Qatar Airways Q Suite in review.

► German: https://youtu.be/Wr8uFgngBLA

► More: https://GlobalTraveler.TV/qatar-airways-q-suite-business-class

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► Questions & Answers I: https://youtu.be/5TRsfvW28h4 (FAQ)
► Questions & Answers II: https://youtu.be/KTr3CTdtYEM (FAQ)

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▶ ︎ Q: How can you fly so much? A: The videos on YouTube appear delayed and do not represent the time period as it was experienced. A video can have been shot many months ago.
▶ ︎ Q: How much does a flight cost? A: As usual, there are list prices and offers. I fly at times when few other people are flying and the way is the goal! With an unbeatable offer, I fly to a destination which would not be booked. Others fly to the goal and pay a lot of money - but I save a lot and pay absurdly favorable prices.
▶ ︎ Q: What are you working on? A: I am self-employed, work 7 days a week also on Sundays and have several trade.
▶ ︎ Q: Are you rich? A: No, see above: Work 7 days and the way is the destination and you travel cheaper than those who book a destination and need the flight there.

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