Oni Playthrough part 4 - Puzzle Pieces - Vago Biotech

BBQ666OFHELL 6 years ago 25 minutes, 4 seconds

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Part 4 of my Oni playthrough. Konoko´s hunch from Musashi Manufacturing proved right - the Syndicate lured her away in order to assault the Vago Biotech Labs, known for their lack of OSHA compliance (seriously, catwalks over acid vats without railings...). There, we encounter the first boss battle, against Barabas. His "Earthquaker" attack is extremely annoying and unblockable, he has a ton of health, and regenerates once it goes below a certain limit. Beating him without loosing a lot of health is really hard. Fortunately, this level is full of hypos and other goodies to compensate.


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