LVFT. Warehouse Sale 2018 - Behind The Scenes

Randall Pich 4 weeks ago 3 minutes, 40 seconds

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Here’s a quick little recap from the Live Fit. Apparel private warehouse sale! I had Jason follow me around a bit just to capture a little of what goes on during these events. For those who don't know what our warehouse sale is about let me give a short little description on it:

The LVFT warehouse sale is an exclusive event for those who are registered. To find out how to get on the list, subscribe to the Live Fit Apparel newsletter - / we send out details and VIP info on special events and drops there. Anyways we cap off the head count to 2,500 people plus a guest so thats 5,000 people. We filled the whole list in just a few days. After that, its all about preparing... we make new exclusive items just for the event, sell our current stock at a HUGE discount and sell items that don't pass retail inspection at pretty much cost price. We also fly in all our athletes so that our customers and fans have some time to interact and get on a personal level with one another. On top of that we have vendors sponsor the event as well; Afters Ice Cream, Chinitos Tacos and Poke Works. All in all the event is really a positive event full of positive energy.

Again thank you guys!! Enjoy the video!


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