Kris D ft. Gatto Gabriel making of Cuando Vas a Regresar (PART 1)

TLMovement 5 years ago 3 minutes, 50 seconds

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FIRST PREVIEW - "MAKING OF" CUANDO VAS A REGRESAR BY ROBERT STOMP, GATTORECORDS AND MULTI QUALITY PRODUCTIONS SET BY CONEJO FILMS STAFF: 1- Ejecutivo: Multi-Quality-Productions. 2- Iluminacion: Edgar P Montoya. 3- Fotos y detras de camaras: Robert Stomp. 4- Camara Conejo Film. 5- Actuaciones extras : Evelin Castro, Lesley Arnouts, Chantal Aponte, La Baby, Mb. 6- Modelo: Cyntia Carati 7- Direccion: Gatto Gabriel, Cristiam Aponte Ramirez 8- Agradecimiento : Hans Tiger Smits Promotor.
Camera Robert Stomp Edition Gattorecords for MultiQuality Prod.
All rights reserved to Kris D ft. Gatto Gabriel 2014.


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