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Watch the story of Kana Mamar Gapper Jhuli (কানা মামার গপ্পের ঝুলি) Series - Ganyer Nil Shahorer Niki ( গাঁয়ের নীল শহরের নিকি ) - #Bangla #Cartoon (বাংলা কার্টুন) - #Kids #Animation.

Ganyer Nil Shahorer Niki : -
Once there were two rats who were good friends. One of them lived in a city and the other lived in a village. They gossiped a lot and exchanged their views on different topics. Then, they sat down to eat. The village rat served him food. The village rat said he would certainly come to the city one day. The city rat said, "Why don’t you accompany me now?" The village rat replied, "All right, I will consider your proposal."
He accepted the proposal and got ready for the journey to the city. The city rat lived in a big house. At night the village rat was surprised to see, the dining table full of different types of dishes. The village rat has not seen such a variety of food before. The city rat asked the village rat to enjoy the meal. Then he started eating. At this juncture, the Landlady came there with a cat. The village rat was very afraid. He said, "Friend, I think I should go back now. I am thankful to you for the tasty dishes, but there are too many dangers", and he started for the village. On reaching, he heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Oh! Life is precious and above all wisdom."
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