How to make a cheap Self-Bailing Raft - Intex SeaHawk II

djhgeek 5 years ago 8 minutes, 22 seconds

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Have you ever wanted to go Class III whitewater rafting with a buddy or two on a river, but don't have a few grand to dump on a full blown self-bailing whitewater raft, and want something tougher than the cheap toy rafts and not spend the entire trip bailing out your boat? While searching the internet, there seemed to be a lack of information on 'low-mid priced' self-baling rafts for the casual whitewater rafter... So, I made a video!

The Intex Seahawk II and Mariner 4 are tough rafts... utilizing denier PVC similar to the big rafts making them tough, and priced just above the toy rafts. They just lack a self-bailing floor. So, with a $10 leather punch kit from Amazon, a hammer, a piece of wood and about 10 minutes, you can convert your raft to a self-bailing floor and enjoy those trips to the river without a bilge pump or bucket!

At the end of the video, I take it through its paces on the North Santiam River on Memorial Day Weekend 2013. Thanks for watching!


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