HKS Twin Turbo Supra Build #15 - Fuel System back together!

TheProPilot 3 months ago 3 minutes, 5 seconds

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I know it's been a while. Here's why it's been so long.

1) I absolutely couldn't keep working on this stuff in a 120F garage in 90% humidity.
2) I bought another (red) Supra and then a trailer for it. So to be completely honest: I didn't lose focus or drive to work on the black car, but I was temporarily directed to secure my new vehicle and understand the car before too much time passed. I wanted to know what it needs and what issues to work out.
3) Family Comes First 🤗 Period.

Now that I have the car started up and leak checked I'm going to take it for a spin and dial in the fuel map and then move the sensor wires around so that I can take advantage of their existence.

Once I've done that I will begin work adding the secondary feed hose with dry break quick disconnects, and secondary fuel pump and all of it's wiring. It's all wired, but not plumbed or put through the fuel pump hanger.


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