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Welcome to the Pittsburgh Harmar Bald Eagle Camera

Pittsburgh Harmar Bald Eagle Updates: 4/6/2018
Current hatch information:
Egg 1, laid 2/24 @4:10 PM EST, hatched 4/2 @10:08 AM EST
Egg 2, laid 2/27 @6:46 PM EST, hatched 4/3 @4:02 PM EST

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About the Harmar bald eagle camera:
The webcam at the Harmar nest is owned by Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania, streams from ASWP owned property, and is made possible through the generous support of Comcast Business. The Hays webcam is a collaborative project between CSE and Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania.

2016 is the first year for a nest cam at the Harmar Bald Eagle nest. This pair took over and enlarged a Red-tailed Hawk nest in a sycamore tree overlooking Freeport Rd. and Route 28. Their nesting history is a year behind that of the Hays pair, because aggression by the Red-tailed Hawks interfered with the eagles' ability to nest in the first season they were together at this site. Like the Hays pair, the Harmar pair is made up of one older and one younger bird. In Hays the female is the younger bird; here at Harmar the male is the younger of the pair. We know this because the younger birds showed faint traces of subadult plumage in their first year at their respective nest sites, while their mates had the completely white head and tail characteristic of birds at least one year older.


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