Ethan Purnell - General kick about after school

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Ethan Purnell - A 7 Year old football mad boy who has being playing football for 6 months (since August 2014) he has never played football before and in the last 6 months he has been scouted to play for Bristol Rovers Academy. Ethan Currently plays football for FD1 (Football Development 1st), South Gloucestershire (County level football), and Bristol Rovers where Ethan is currently one of the top goal scorers for the Club, He currently trains 4 nights per week, 1.5hr Monday, 1.5hr Tuesday, Wednesday is a rest day Kickboxing on Thursday and on a Fridays he trains 3hrs with his South Glos county club followed straight after at the same Astro for Bristol Rovers, Not bad for a 7 year old who has only picked up a football during the summer holidays 2014.
Ethan Loves doing tricks and keep up in the street and house!! and is never out of sight of a football. even when he is brushing his teeth he has a football at his feet.


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