Antibiotics vs. Bacteria: Fighting the Resistance

U.S. National Library of Medicine 8 months ago 5 minutes, 49 seconds

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How do we stay safe from the growing epidemic of antibiotic resistant bacteria? NIAID is researching ways to keep us safe. MedlinePlus page on antibiotic resistance:

Video Outline
0:38 Antimicrobial resistance epidemiology
1:02 Examples of resistant bacteria
1:11 Tuberculosis
1:31 Gonorrhea
1:46 MRSA
2:13 How does antimicrobial resistance occur?
3:25 What can you do to fight antimicrobial resistance?
4:32 Research at NIAID

Animation: Jeff Day
Intern: Priscilla Seah
Narration: Jennifer Sun Bell
Music: Da Bakkwo Instrumental, by Jin Yeop Cho, Marc Ferrari, and Matt Hirt via Killer Tracks


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