A Guide To Thaumic Tinkerer Research Part 7 - Ender Mirror, Gaseous Tenebrae and Goliath's Leggings

haighyorkie 5 years ago 9 minutes, 16 seconds

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It's update 1.0.2 of Thaumic Tinkerer! Some great new items for you and it's research in this episode!
Here is the forum link:
It will also be available in SolitaryCraft 6.1 when the modpack has been through testing. For now you can get SolitaryCraft 6 here:
from the launcher screen select SolitaryCraft and then choose which mods you want to install. I recommend using the drop down menu and selecting Magicality: The Next Dimension, a pack with all the best magical mods around. Including Vazkii's old mod Elemental Tinkerer!


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