5 Things I HATE About My Pontiac G8

Dailys. 2 years ago 7 minutes, 51 seconds

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In the last video, I talked about the 5 things that I love about my car. This video is all about the other side of that coin, all of the things that I dislike about this car. While it is a great car to daily, there are more than a couple things about it that absolutely drive me crazy!

The radio, while it sounds great with its 11 speakers, doesn't have a tuning knob. That doesn't matter for normal day to day driving but it does when I go out of town and lose radio reception. The cupholders. Need I say more?

While there are things that I don't love about this car, for the most part, I wouldn't change a thing. So, to find out the other things that annoy me with this car, please watch the video!

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