New Sniper Shooting 2019 – TKN Shooting Games APK Free Download

New Sniper Shooting 2019 – TKN Shooting Games APK Free Download

Hold back to achieve a perfect shot on the target. Download and play this amazing shooting game and enjoy its smooth and simple controls. Welcome to the world of action-packed games, where you are going to play unlimited missions. If you love to play shooting games in the action category, we have got what you need. you’ll find your favorite action game here.


This sniper game has achieved huge milestones so far and it is now among the top games of sniper shooting. From its release, this game stood among the best new games 2018. We consistently continue improving it on basis of user feedback. Now we have the right to claim that we offer the best sniper game experience to our users and we stand among the best new games of 2019!


You will find a variety of guns in the store. Upgrade them to the maximum level and see what you have got. Buy your favorite sniper guns from the arsenal. This huge variety of guns makes this game categorized among shooting games with guns and people.
You will find different missions with interesting stories. Have a look:
Eliminate the bad guy holding a briefcase. He is a criminal and has come to sell the drugs.
Enemies are planning criminal activities in a meeting. Be alert, watch them carefully and take a perfect aim to kill them in one shot each. Enemies will start shooting at you on your first shot, so down them before depletion of your health in this firing game.
Don’t let the gangsters’ boss escape through helicopter and kill all the guards around him.
Some dangerous prisoners have escaped from the prison and you’ve to eliminate all of them before they leave the town.
A helicopter is flying in the air to assist our enemy in some criminal act. Shoot on the right spot to down the helicopter with all the bad guys sitting in it.


We have developed this game according to users’ interests. Finding your required target is just an awesome task you’ve to perform at each level. Read the instructions written to mention your target. Criminals are doing negative activities including robbing, hacking the secret data, bike wheeling, pointing the gun to the hostage, planning the crime, mafia gangs escaping etc. Eradicate all of them in specified missions and make the city crime free.
Gun fighting games make you enjoy the action but this game is unique in its kind.

New Sniper Shooting 2019 Features:
• Beautiful HD graphics
• Killer slow-motion camera
• Unlimited thrilling, sniper shoot missions
• Huge range of rifles
• Controls according to the top sniper games
• Easy and smooth sniper gun controls
• Excellent graphics
• Thrilling sniper shooting experience

It’s totally free to play, so download this fps game. Come to play this gun shooter game live on the play store for free.

All Above mentioned stories are fictitious and they are not occurring in the real-world environment. This game never tends to harm any person.

Privacy policy:
Based on user feedback, we have made the following changes:
– New eye-catching environment
– The game is made smooth now. Lag issue solved.

Enjoy more optimized and smooth gameplay!